Why Work With Us?

Simply put - Easy IRA Solutions (EIS) is the easiest, friendliest, and most affordable option for you to jailbreak your IRA.

The mission and vision of EIS is to jailbreak all IRA accounts to get money out of corrupt banks and manipulated paper markets and back into tangible assets, with you in charge of the investments. In this way, we will have put control of our country's future back into the people's hands.

We understand the need for relationship between our clients and our team when reviewing retirement accounts, and our industry-leading prices are a great way to start. We want to work with you from now until far into your retirement.

5 Reasons Easy IRA Solutions Is The Go-To Jailbreaking Solution

We've searched and searched, and to the best of our knowledge, none of our competition offers a level of individual service anywhere close to what we have.

Once you start the process with EIS, the paperwork will seamlessly go through the legal process (with us guiding it along the way) and we will be just a phone call away from answering any questions you have.

Once you've spoken with us and you see how easy it is, we won't be too surprised if you send your IRA Concierge an invitation your next birthday party (P.S. this really happens).

We set you up with what we call a "Friendly Custodian", a custodian that participates in your IRA to the minimum extent required by law. It may seem strange to pay for a custodian that will most likely never contact or influence you, but it's a legal guideline that must be followed.

We've been through the process and found the custodians that believe in what you and EIS believe…that your money is yours and you should choose what to do with it. Our IRA Concierges will push through the necessary paperwork and help you understand how and what role this custodian will play.

The biggest complaint we hear from our prospective clients about their current IRAs is that they are tired of being "feed to death." When you jailbreak your IRA through us, you know exactly what you are getting and the investment in this "checkbook" freedom is a low, up-front fixed cost.

See the table below for the fee schedule from EIS, a leading competitor, and a typical traditional custodian:

Let's look at a hypothetical scenario, say you made 3 real estate transactions per year for 5 years and you had $200,000 in your IRA…

  With EIS, you would pay a total of $2882
  $1997 setup + $310 LLC Formation + $115 x 5 years for Custodial fees
  With our leading competitor, you would pay $8235
  $50 setup + $310 LLC Formation + $125 x 15 transactions + 0.006 * $200,000 * 5 years
  With a traditional custodian, you would pay $10,800
  $50 setup + $150 x 15 transactions + .01 * $200,000 * 5 years

The numbers speak for themselves; an up front cost with no variable asset management or transactional fees is how to build true wealth in your retirement account.

Our IRA Concierges can recommend and review many resources that will help you take control of your investing future. Irresponsible investments and mistakes will be pointed out before they are made, but it is still ultimately your decision on how to proceed.

We absolutely love it when our clients want to learn, so we will always happily answer your calls to answer your questions. If you have been through our site and still want to learn more, then:


We have spent nearly 10 years learning and perfecting our systems - this research and development is now available for your benefit. Our system will send the appropriate paperwork to the appropriate agencies with minimal delays once each step is complete. Our IRA Concierges will guide you along to get the appropriate information in and a checkbook in your hand as fast as possible.

From start to finish, the process should take about 4 weeks – the fastest in the business.

What are you waiting for? Get started today:

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