1. What is a Self-Managed IRA LLC and How Does It Work?

A Self-Managed IRA LLC is your ticket to investing in alternatives to stocks. Most people don't realize that retirement investments are predominantly in the stock market not as a result of the law, but because most custodians only offer these types of investments.

When you unlock your retirement account using a friendly custodian that grants true self-management (who we'll hook you up with), you may invest in a newly formed LLC to grant yourself checkbook control of investments in your retirement account. Most of the time, the LLC is owned 100% by the self-managed IRA and the IRA (you) serves as the sole manager.

2. schedule a free consultation with one of our world-class IRA concierges

In the world of IRAs, it's often difficult for those without intimate knowledge of retirement funds to understand which option fits their unique situation. This leads to frustration, headaches, and a fear of missing out on the "best" option. Well, we're here for you.

You will consult with a specially trained IRA Concierge who will help you discover which Self-Managed IRA LLC is the right fit for you. Each IRA Concierge is an expert in the industry – Easy IRA Solutions has over 10 years combined industry experience (retirement accounts have been available for less than 40 years).

If you have any additional questions about the process before starting, then this is your opportunity to get them answered. We're confident that once you understand the power of the Self-Managed IRA LLC, you will want one as soon as possible.

3. we set up the LLC and file the appropriate paperwork

This step takes the guesswork out of converting your Traditional Retirement Account into a Self-Managed IRA LLC. If done improperly, an IRS audit may occur as a result of a prohibited transaction. Thus, it is ideal to have an established company with the appropriate knowledge, like Easy IRA Solutions, file everything on your behalf.

The investment for this service is $1997 plus applicable state filing fees, a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing everything is set up by industry experts.

Your LLC will be set up in Texas for a $310 one time filing fee. Texas is the recommended state for the following reasons:

SECURITY- It is one of the strongest enforcers of security for its members

TAX ADVANTAGE - It allows members to receive the tax associated with a partnership

EASE - Texas state law does not require yearly IRS reporting for single member entities

COST - The LLC Filing fee is a one time fee

3. Learn from your IRA concierge

We're here for you. When you jailbreak your IRA through us, we are by your side to answer questions every step of the way.

While the appropriate paperwork is going through the legal motions, we will review with you, in-depth, the three most important things to avoid when investing with a Self-Managed IRA LLC:

What kinds of transactions are allowed and which are prohibited
Who/What an unqualified party is and how to avoid them
Investing in life insurance or collectibles

If you are about to make a mistake that could cost you, we will do our best to inform you. Since it is a self-directed investment, you are ultimately responsible for your investments, but our concierges can guide you along the way.

After you have your Checkbook IRA set and ready to go, give us a call and we can review possible investment scenarios.

If you'd like to start learning more about Self-Managed IRA's right now:

3. Invest in a wide-range of new, lower risk and higher yield opportunities

We're all tired of the volatility and uncertainty that comes with stocks, so wouldn't it be nice to invest in some other things as well?

This is what our clients are most excited about – having the ability to diversify investments among other asset classes.

Investments that become available with a Self-Managed IRA LLC include:

Ask our IRA concierges how these investment opportunities can apply to you...