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Take Charge of Your Financial Future

The story we hear is always the same…it's a feeling of confusion, lack of control, and entrapment in a system that was not properly explained. We're here to tell you that because of the complexities of retirement law, it's completely understandable that you are where you are. Most custodians don't offer much flexibility in investments, and your ability to influence your account is often minimal. The traditional custodian gives you the option to invest in various combinations of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. They'd like you to believe this is investment diversification, but it's just a veneer – these are all part of the same investment class. With a Self-Managed IRA LLC, your custodian will have minimal involvement; you conduct your own investment research and choose how and when make investment decisions for your IRA. We have done the research and found hands-off "Friendly Custodians" that will participate in the minimum extent required by the law, letting you take full control of your financial destiny.

Access Diversified Investment Opportunities

Some investment classes that open up to you when you jailbreak (also known as unlocking or freeing) your IRA include:


Most Popular investment class because it can be used for property investments with high yield returns such as income producing rental properties, commercial buildings, and rehabs, or to purchase real estate for personal use. It is important to learn about prohibited transactions before investing in real estate for personal use.


This investment class is typically the next most attractive for retirement fund investments. There are many eco-friendly investments that can earn you money while supporting a healthier planet.


There's something to be said for being able to physically hold your investment. Precious Metals have become popular as the economy has weakened because, like real estate, it is an investment that is backed by a tangible asset. There are special procedures that need to be followed to hold precious metals in a retirement account that will be explained to you by our IRA Concierges.


If there's a business or idea that you believe in, you can become a private lender. This investment class has been gaining popularity as credit requirements have become tighter for small businesses and they are seeking alternative forms of capital.

And Much More...

If these diversified investment options interest you, fill out the form to the right and schedule a free consultation with an IRA Concierge to learn more now.

Get "Checkbook Control" of Your Retirement Funds

In the investment world, it's a well-known paradigm that timing is everything. When you see an investment opportunity like a tax lien or foreclosure, you need to be quick to place your capital or you will almost certainly miss out. With a Self-Managed IRA LLC, you will literally have the ability to write a check on the spot and get in on these fast-acting opportunities. As a bonus, when structured appropriately, you can leverage your retirement account to pool your resources and get into larger and more lucrative investment opportunities.

Maintain Tax Advantaged Growth

In addition to opening up a world of new investment opportunities, the Self-Managed IRA LLC maintains all of the same tax as traditional IRAs. When done appropriately, you can rollover your 401k account (from your previous employer) or IRA into a Self-Managed IRA with no tax penalty or you can take an up front tax payment and enjoy tax-free future growth of investments in a Self-Managed Roth IRA. To find out which of these options might be the right fit for you, schedule a free consultation with an IRA concierge using the form to the right.

Limit Your Custodial Fees

Keep more of your hard-earned money - it's that simple. When you roll over into a Self-Managed IRA LLC, you will immediately reduce the hidden costs associated with traditional custodians. Traditional custodians typically charge a yearly fee to hold your money based on the asset value in the account and charge a fee every time you buy or sell anything (transactional fees). Easy IRA Solutions wants to stop this "feeing to death" from being the standard and move everyone toward a minimal or no fee structure. When you create a Self-Managed IRA LLC with Easy IRA Solutions, we will set you up with a "Friendly Custodian" and you will pay only a $115 per year custodial fee (required by law) no matter how much your assets grow or how many transactions you wish to make. If you're wondering what makes a Friendly Custodian, go check out the "How It Works" section now